Selamat Datang ………….. Bali Home & Villa Management, Jimbaran Bali a fast growing directory of self catering vacation rentals and holiday homes in Bali. As one of the companies that owned the Balinese, try applying the concept of it all in running this business. Bali Home & Villa Management one company engaged in the Villa Rental, Villa Management and Wedding Planner and Property to bridge the needs of you who want to come to Bali.

Bali is a region in Indonesia that attracted many local and foreign tourists come to the island to enjoy nature and culture, About a Bali an island population of 3 million people of which 85% of the population to Hinduism that blends with the culture of Bali, the Balinese daily life is guided by the teachings of his religion on the terms of the concept and reference to the teaching of karma.

Bali Home & Villa Management is a one stop concept Bali vacation rental, make it easy for you to determine the choice of the location, type, budget etc in deciding your choice of villas that you would want to live during the holidays Bali.Villa We exist in several areas in Bali,villa type from of the Standard to Luxury Villas.

Bali Home Wedding & Lombok Wedding Planner as of Bali Home & Villa Management group offers a variety of different kinds of Wedding Services as Chapel or Villa weeding / party venue, also serving the Legal Wedding, Religion Wedding, Catering, Decor, Entertainment etc for Bali & Lombok For Villa Management , Bali Home & Villa

Management offer management package with a reliable concept which has been trusted from several villas that are managed under the BHV, and supported by skilled teams. We are also ready to help owners of Villa who need training for managers / your staff. Bali Home & Villa Management also engaged in Bali Property offering Villa For Sale, Land For Sale, House Design, Project where we have long experience dealing with property and will easily understand the concept and your intent Let’s Make Your Holiday In Bali Become Unique & Memorable Experiences With Us.

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